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Interview: Ian Player

"A Heart for Rhinos"

SABLE shenanigans

Think before you walk

Too clever by half

By Africa Geographic

Elephants: Facts and Fables

By Rudi J van Aarde

Why no ethics

By Ian Michler

Setting the record straight – when science counts count!

By Rudi van Aarde

Using the Popular Press to Quantify the Impact of Poaching activities on African Elephants in Sub-Sahara Africa

Craig Spencer & John Slabbert: Transfrontier Africa - SAVANNA Project

2010-11 National Environmental Compliance & Enforcement Report

The primary objective of the annual National Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Report (NECER) is to provide a national overview of environmental compliance and enforcement activities undertaken by environmental authorities across the country during the period 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011.

The Conservation Quandary - IAN MICHLER (African Geographic October 2011)

African conservation is an industry involving thousands of students, researchers, NGOs, funders, private sector operators and parastatals, all with a single purpose: the protection of the continent’s wildlife and wild places.

BirdLife South Africa media release

Barn Swallow migration patterns on the move

Recent establishment of many alien insects in South Africa – a cause for concern

SA needs to step up measures to prevent the introduction of new agricultural pests

SA moet maatreëls verskerp om nuwe landbouplae te keer

by J.H. Giliomee

BirdLife South Africa media release

World Migratory Bird day

BirdLife South Africa media release

Important Bird Areas

Sustainable eNews

What COP15 means for Wildlife Conservation