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The Southern African Wildlife Management Association (SAWMA) is an independent, non-profit professional body, founded in 1970.

The association is representing a multi-disciplinary membership and is involved with the science and management of wildlife and other renewable natural resources. It includes the following disciplines: wildlife research, conservation science, ecology, genetics, animal science etc.

The main function of SAWMA is to promote the common interest of our membership by publishing research articles in a scientific journal, African Journal of Wildlife Research, organising an annual symposium, and publishing an electronic newsletter on a monthly basis - thereby keeping our members abreast of the latest research and development and setting a code of ethics and standards for wildlife management and wildlife research.

The association is managed by an elected executive council and currently has about 500 members, including complementary student members.

Photo: Prof Rudi van Aarde


  • To provide a forum for communication between wildlife managers in Southern Africa;
  • To encourage research and publish a scientific journal devoted to results of wildlife research;
  • To provide a reference and liaison service to members through a regular newsletter;
  • To assist in the co-ordination of wildlife research in southern Africa through any means possible;
  • To provide professional and technical expertise to further the aims of the
        Wildlife Management Association of Southern Africa