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The business of conservation – science, livelihoods and values

The 7th International Wildlife Ranching symposium took place at Kimberley from 10 - 14 October 2011. No formal proceedings of the papers presented will be published but some presenters have agreed that we may publish the slides of their presentations on our website. A number of presenters have indicated that they were planning to submit their papers for publication in South African Journal of Wildlife Research.

Feel free to contact the presenters for more information.

The next IWR symposium is scheduled for Mexico in 2013 under the direction of Raul Valdez.




Please note: The contents of the presentations may not be copied, reproduced, republished, broadcast or transmitted without obtaining the author's permission as copyright owner.

  • Nomcebo Malatji: The contribution of the Biodiversity Stewardship Programme to sustainable landuse in Mpumalanga
  • Gert Dry: Commercial wildlife ranching's contribution to a reseource efficient low carbon pro-employment green economy
  • Gert Dry: Full paper
  • Timothy Haas: A tool for finding politically feasible ways to manage ranch-kept wildlife
  • Tariro Kamuti: Dynamics in the governance of private game farming in KZN
  • Julius Koen: The regulatory environment of wildlife ranching
  • Wayne Erlank: The 'two-way street' between BSP and ecosystem services
  • Sanjay Kalpage: Mitigating the human-elephant conflict in Sri-Lanka - lessons from Southern Africa
  • Richard Davies: Wildlife as a land use - a personal history perspective
  • Richard Davies: Tourism dreams or nightmares.pdf
  • Bruce Fletcher: Hotfire Wildlife Management Model Paper
  • Bruce Fletcher: Hotfire Wildlife Management Model - A case history
  • Harriet Davies-Mostert and Peter Lindsey: Bridging the informational gap
  • Sebastien Le Bel: Small scale elephant cropping and wild game meat production in Zimbabwe
  • Jenny Josefsson: Relationship between private game farms and farm dwellers
  • David Grossman: Integrating Ancient Knowledge and Modern Technology
  • Margaret Gichuchi: Malewa-Kigio Wildlife Conservancy Kenya
  • Terry Messmer: A Case Study of Utah's CWMU Program
  • Gerhard Nortje: The business of conservation-science livehoods and values (22Mb)
  • Jennifer Gush: Learning outside (12.5Mb)
  • Daniella Sachs: Ecolodge Development - A tool for ecconomic empowerment (7Mb)
  • Jessica Musengezi: The policy and profitability of wildlife ranching in South Africa